The walk to Canada begins

The walk to Canada begins

Publish nn March 23, 2023

Heading into the unknown…

Dive-in (includes visuals)

Welcome to the Pacific Crest Trail 2023

Brought to you by Primo, ft. Shaman

Set off to reach to Canada from San Diego by following the red line, about 2680 miles

First 20 miles on trail.

The trail does not care about anyones ability, everyone is welcome to venture and test their abilities.
Just requires to build the proper mindset

Sleeping in the rain can (or will) become the common norm on trail

Creating morning routines such as digging holes to liberate la caca (poop) monster from our bowels

Sceneries that brings such sublime environment that feels immense, and terrifying yet invites contemplation.

RickyBobby in action

Priceless moments that are gained through experiencing sleeping under stormy conditions, remember Trail Provides.

Did I Mention, gun lessons were provided. Opportunities rise, where one can shoot a 12-gauge shotgun

Remember: No guns are needed on the PCT!

Thanks a lot Maryli && Bob for the generosity and bringing us to your home.

Friends spontaneously happening on trail (Jana, Luca, Caddyshack, YourPapi)

Finding shelter becomes a luxury under shitty stormy conditions.

Highly recommend Lake Morena Campground.

To reserve a cabin, just talk to the rangers, will direct you through the process.